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Who Are We There For?

Someone on Twitter this evening seemed surprised and confused by some statements I made re: students, classrooms, and teaching.

Teachers seem to think that saying that they are members of a shared learning community with their students makes all right and good with the world. And yet, it doesn’t.

Without question, I learn from my students; they teach me things. Every. single. day.

On the other hand, I create experiences that promote learning for my students.  And my classroom is the way it is – culture, climate, arrangement, activities, and the rest – in order to accomplish this end.

I mean, if I am not in the classroom for my students, who else am I there for?  Who else is there?

She then remarked, “It (your classroom) would be different?

I finally tweeted to her the following:

Of course. Think about it. If you were to create your ideal learning space, for you, wouldn’t it be different?




I teach. I cook. I write. In that order. Along the way, I learn many things, especially about myself.

4 thoughts on “Who Are We There For?

  1. I found your comments really thought provoking on the chat tonight. While I feel that my classroom environment is one I want to share with my students and one that I hope will bring me growth as a result, it really did make me think when you asked this question. And I had to answer myself, honestly, that I would create a much more verbose and complex environment, with a lot more irony and satire, if I were making the environment for me. I am super comfortable with irony and satire. The thing is, irony and satire make my students uncomfortable. They don’t learn as well in such an atmosphere. So, I create a really earnest and transparent environment for them. I make learning accessible to my students. Because, well, that’s why I’m there…to make learning accessible to my students.


    1. btw, I know your exchange was a bit tense for our chat tonight, but I thought the honesty added to our talk. Really appreciate that you say what you think (I’m selfish that way)


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