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First Week of School, Sept. 2016, and a Lesson Re-Cap

Well, it’s Friday. And the first week of my 23rd year of teaching has been very good.   Despite being uber-exhausted on Tuesday and Wednesday, I was more energized Thursday and today.  I guess that daily multivitamin does make a significant difference.

So, to recap my lessons of Thursday(yesterday) and today:

On Thursday with my Spanish 4 students, they shared their responses to a series of prompts they were assigned as homework.  In addition to having students read what they wrote for each prompt – there were six in total – I asked each student several extension questions. With a class of eight or nine students, this is doable, without it becoming (too) boring.  I also asked the other students to tell me, in English, what I had asked a particular student in Spanish.  We then completed a story asking activity.  I provided the basic skeleton for the story – a student wanted something, and went to three different locations, and at the third location, found what he/she wanted.  It was engaging, fun and rather silly. The students seemed to enjoy filling in the details, and coming up with creative scenarios. I will type up the stories that each class created, and use them for reading/translation/questioning activities during the next class.  The last activity of the class was a game of Trashketball. It is activity #12.  I wanted to see how much basic vocabulary the students know, and used words from the 250 most frequently used Spanish words.  For their homework, the students will watch  a video, make a list of 25 of the 50 things, and then translate those things from Spanish to English.  One of my goals for this year is to use more authentic resources – materials designed for native Spanish speakers.

For my Spanish 1 seventh grade students, which also met on Thursday, I wanted to see how much they know, and what they are able to do, and, to get them talking as much as possible.  We reviewed months, seasons, school supplies, and personal information – saying one’s name, telling one’s age and date of birth, and telling where one is from and where one lives, along with asking what color something is, asking, “What is this?”, and “Do you have…?”

On Friday, wth my upper school Spanish 1 students, we did several activities to practice words and expressions for greeting and saying good-bye, and courtesy expressions.  The students completed paired and individual oral and writing activities. I also showed them a slideshow re: the importance of learning Spanish.

And, with my sixth grade Spanish 1 students,  we did some review of basic Spanish words and expressions for meeting, greeting, saying good-bye and courtesy expressions.  Some knew most, most some, and one hardly any.  Which gives some idea of the range of previous experience and exposure to Spanish. So, with the sixth graders, I will need to teach in earnest these words and expressions.

A very full week, albeit only 4 days, and a very good beginning to the new school year. Looking forward to a semi-restful weekend; there will be lessons to plan for next week.



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