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First Day of School, Number Two

Today was actually a good day.  Despite being nervous: First day of class, Number Two.  Today, I met with my sixth grade Spanish 1 class, and my upper school Spanish 1 class.  With the latter class, I taught the students how to introduce themselves.  We then learned about Spanish cognates: defining them, identifying them in a story, and then creating student lists in pairs of cognates from their Spanish textbook.  With the former, we reviewed greetings, introducing selves, and expressing how we’re feeling.  We also reviewed colors, and talked a little about what is expected behaviorally in class. Somehow, in the whirlwind of teaching, I did not have the sixth graders complete Personal Information Cards.  So, I will need to begin class with that task on Friday.  One of my sixth graders gave me a brownie.  It was yummy.  A very sweet gesture, and totally unexpected, a complete surprise.

I am finding this year I am being more deliberate in my practice of using and applying the principles of comprehensible input: going slowly, checking regularly for understanding, asking students to translate to English what I said in Spanish, writing a lot on the whiteboard, and lots of repetition.

On a personal note, just like on Tuesday, I was EXHAUSTED.  Do you think it might have something to do with the fact that I have not taken my daily multivitamin since last Wednesday???  I managed to get to the grocery store this afternoon, and purchased a very large bottle of my One A Day Women’s Formula multivitamins.  A trip to the grocery store, despite dragging myself there, was a necessity.  I had no OJ, no milk for cereal, no bananas.  You get the idea.

I wasn’t very hungry this evening. Actually, I felt a bit unwell. So, I ate some hummus and crackers.  Whenever my Dear Mom asks me what I ate for dinner, and, I tell her I ate hummus and crackers, she responds in the same manner: ” That’s something I just can’t bring to my mouth.” I like hummus.  It’s nutritious, and, when I don’t have much of an appetite, it suffices.

I am going to try and work out tomorrow.  Another thing, along with the multivitamins, that I haven’t done in nearly a week.  But, I need to wake up at o’dark thirty if I am going to have time to hit the treadmill, shower, dress, and eat breakfast so I can leave home at 7:30am.  Sigh.  We’ll see. I do know that working out in the early am before school helps my mood, and staves off the need for caffeine, which doesn’t help my mood.  Working out first thing sets me on a path of good healthy habits of body, mind and spirit for the entire day.  Working out after school just isn’t an option.  Too many things get in the way once I leave school in the late afternoon. And, by the time I get home, I am flat-out exhausted.  I just can’t.

I am looking forward to classes tomorrow. I will have my two Spanish 4s, and my seventh grade Spanish One, and am excited about trying out some new activities.






I teach. I cook. I write. In that order. Along the way, I learn many things, especially about myself.

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