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One Word Prompt: Day Three of the #EverydayInspiration Writing Challenge


What sights, sounds, smells and feelings does the word, home, evoke for you?

For me, home evokes:

The smell of a delicious, favorite meal.

The feel of my well-worn bedroom slippers.

The tatters of my favorite t-shirt.

The cluster of plants, sitting on the coffee table.

The scratchy familiarity of my blanket.

The morning and afternoon sun, streaming through the living room window.

The earth color tones of the furniture.

The rainbow stripes of the shower curtain.

The melody of clocks, chiming at slightly different times.

The squishiness of my pillows.

The gallery of photos of family, friends, and loved ones.

The aroma of last night’s dinner, upon arriving to my apartment in the afternoon.

My Cracker Barrel rocking chair, a Christmas gift from my Dear Brother.

My maternal grandmother’s biscuit mixing bowl and rolling pin, which hang on my dining room wall.

Baskets.  Lots of baskets. Of different shapes, sizes, and colors.

The wind chime, a gift from my Dear Dad, which is clearly audible from the patio, whenever a burst of wind sweeps under it.

An artificial flower arrangement, made by my Dear Mother.

Some of the things which make home my own little slice of heaven.

What does the word, home, evoke for you?









I teach. I cook. I write. In that order. Along the way, I learn many things, especially about myself.

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