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Things I Like: Day Two of #EverydayInspiration Writing Challenge

Okay. So, here’s a fun post.  If you want to play, leave your list in the Comments.

Here’s mine:

  1. Ice cream
  2. Hamburgers
  3. French fries
  4. Freshly baked bread
  5. Cake – esp. chocolate layer, cheesecake, and pound cake
  6. Cookies
  7. Pie – esp. Boston creme, sweet potato, coconut custard,  and pecan
  8. Cheese
  9. Fried chicken
  10. Potato salad
  11. Mashed potatoes
  12. Fruit
  13. Most vegetables
  14. The beach
  15. Palm trees
  16. Warm climates
  17. Being near the water
  18. Long car rides to nowhere in particular
  19. Traveling
  20. Holidays
  21. Birthdays
  22. Time with family and friends
  23. Sunday dinners
  24. Naps
  25. Silent movies
  26. Reading, esp. history, biography, and self-improvement
  27. Diners
  28. Vintage photography
  29. Art museums
  30. Documentaries
  31. JFK conspiracy theories
  32. True crime programs
  33. Michigan football
  34. Boots
  35. Old t-shirts
  36. Turtleneck sweaters
  37. Collecting kitchen gadgets
  38. Gardening
  39. Cooking
  40. Baking
  41. Watching DVDs on my laptop computer
  42. Writing
  43. Red Door perfume
  44. Hats
  45. Sitting on the porch
  46. Grilling
  47. Manicures
  48. Pedicures
  49. Massages, esp. hands, feet. I’d pay for a 30-minute hand or foot massage.
  50. Chocolate

Now, it’s YOUR turn.  List at least 10 things.  Go!!!



I teach. I cook. I write. In that order. Along the way, I learn many things, especially about myself.

5 thoughts on “Things I Like: Day Two of #EverydayInspiration Writing Challenge

  1. 1. Cheese- any kind!
    2. The ocean sight and sound
    3. A good movie and a soft blanket
    4. Popcorn
    5. Stevie Wonder
    6. Lavender scented items
    7. Vanilla candles
    8. Bacon
    9. Stationary and pens
    10. A good bubble bath
    11. A good leather handbag

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  2. Hi, I know I’m late arriving, but here’s my quickfire response, I like:
    1.wordpress blogging & community
    2.your post here (that should have been #1, but…) – including the virtual kind
    4.acoustic guitar
    5.industrial noise
    7.contemporary art – but the art of everyday life moreso
    8.singing as excercise
    9.peppermints and plain chocolate
    10. all sorts of adhoc stuff and nonsense

    thank you for inspiring another bash at the #w101Eitask2 – I don’t like making lists, I spent hours making lists in my childhood for no particular or useful reason and wonder if that explains my listlessness in adulthood – but I thoroughly enjoyed reading your list of 50 things 🙂


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