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An Engaging Friday Evening

One might think that one can’t spend an enjoyable time on a Friday evening on Twitter.  But, on Friday evening – last evening – I was part of a very engaging chat, which, by the way, is called, #EngageChat.

Now, I try and not participate on too many Twitter chats.  Despite the plethora of chats that have emerged on Twitter since I joined in 2008, in my humble opinion, there aren’t many that I would consider, to be…well…engaging. However, #EngageChat is definitely that.

What do I mean by engaging?  An engaging chat, at least to me, has the following characteristics:

  • The leader(s)/owner(s) has(have) a vision – there is subject matter that resonates deeply for them, and they want to share it with others
  • The leader(s)/owner(s) really know their stuff.
  • If the leader(s)/owner(s) choose(s) to have others host in their stead, they make sure that they hold a vision similar to their own, and, that they really know their stuff.
  • There is a mission and a purpose, i.e. why are we doing this?
  • There is a warm, hospitable and inclusive vibe.
  • The chat follows a Question and Answer format.
  • The questions posed really make you think, dig deep, and reflect on your teaching practice, or, whatever the subject matter is. For me, the subject matter usually revolves around teaching practice. Too many Twitter chats of which I have been a participant pose questions which give rise to platitudes.  Not what we need in education.
  • At the end of the chat, I feel that my thinking has been stretched and challenged.  In other words, I feel that there has been growth, as well as things to reflect upon.

I found all of the aforementioned present in last night’s #EngageChat, led by the equally engaging and fabulous Eric Davis.  The topic wasn’t an easy one for me, despite the fact I consider myself to be a good reflective thinker.  Last night’s topic was, “Telling Your Story.”  I will post each question, one by one, followed by the answer I provided for each. By the way: One of my favorite parts of participating in a chat is reading the answers other participants tweet.  I learn so much as a result.

Anyway here are the questions, and my responses. I reproduced the answers exactly as I posted them. Here they are:

Q1: What is a source of motivation/inspiration for you? A1: The people I meet – virtually and on the ground.

Q2: What person has influenced you the most in your life? A2: Everyone I meet – in both positive and negative ways.  I learn something valuable from each interaction.

Q3:  What are your core values? A3: Wow…social justice, equity, anti-racism, compassion, agency, competence, intellectual curiosity…It’s all about the students.

Q4: Please share a personal or professional accomplishment that makes you very proud. A4: Being a Black woman in America has aspired to almost everything she’s dreamed of b/c of parents and opportunities.

LQ (Last Question): What is your definition of a true friend? LA (Last Answer): Someone you can call at 2am, for whatever reason.

I will definitely participate again on the #EngageChat.

Are you on Twitter? Do you participate in any Twitter chats? Which ones? What is your idea of an engaging Twitter chat experience? Tell me about all of it in the Comments. Thank you!





I teach. I cook. I write. In that order. Along the way, I learn many things, especially about myself.

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