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A Mudane Errand Leads To Wonderful New Discoveries, and a SURPRISE

Okay…so…this morning, I needed to visit the oil and lube store in order to have windshield washer fluid reservoir filled. I say, needed, because about a month-and-a-half ago, I had the oil changed in my car.  Even though the technician assured me that the wiper.  Since I like a clean windshield, and, given the amount of time that had transpired, I figured today was the day.

But, before I visited the oil and lube store, I cleaned my oven.  Now, you’re probably wondering just how dirty the oven of a single person like me actually gets. Well, not very. Still, I like to give the oven a thorough cleaning about once a year. And, summer vacation is usually the time of year when I have the opportunity. I had woken up several times during the early morning hours: 3am, 5 am, and then finally 7am. After about 15 minutes of lying in the bed, I decided to get up and clean the oven.

Once the oven was clean, I dressed to go to the oil and lube store. I was warmly by the technician, who filled the windshield wiper reservoir, and, very quickly, I might add, which was greatly appreciated. I then I headed over to the gas station to fill up the buggie.  When that task was completed, I headed over to the Hartford Baking Company.  About five minutes from the gas station, I have been trying to get to this place since May.  Every year at my school, the Parents Association sponsors a Teacher Appreciation event, and I received a gift card to the Hartford Baking Company in my gift bag. The thing was, I didn’t know the amount of the gift card. And, since a colleague had received a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card worth $10.00, I headed to the store with this amount in mind.

I asked my students about Hartford Baking Company: They gave it the thumbs-up.  So, I knew it was a winner. And, it is.  When I arrived, the place was buzzing. Several groups of patrons were sitting at tables, enjoying coffee and baked goods.  The offerings were reasonably extensive for a small shop, including one of my all-time favorites: raspberry princess bars.  I also noticed scones as big as baseballs. But, I maintained my composure, and ordered the organic vanilla yogurt and homemade granola parfait, with a small hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was by far among the best I have tasted. The parfait was also yummy, and sustained me throughout my strength training and cardio workout later on in the morning.

I noticed as I traveled to and from Hartford Baking Company lots of restaurants, especially ethnic restaurants of all kinds.  Also along this main thoroughfare sits Colt Manufacturing.  And, I always thought I knew where it was located. Apparently, I did not. So, a most enlightening discovery.

As I drove home, I sipped on the yummy hot chocolate, and made plans to return to Hartford Baking Company soon.

Oh…the SURPRISE, you ask? The gift card is worth a whopping $25.00!  So, I have quite a bit remaining. 🙂 Courtesy of my school’s Parents Association. Thank you, Parents Association!!!

What wonderful new discoveries have you made recently in your community during your daily travels? Tell me about them in the Comments.  Thank you!





I teach. I cook. I write. In that order. Along the way, I learn many things, especially about myself.

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