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#MY500Words 30-Day Writing Challenge: I’m Half-Way Home

I’ve been using a combination of writing prompts from a variety of sources during the #MY500Words 30-Day Writing Challenge to prevent boredom – for me, as well as for my readers. That said, I am using the stated writing challenge for today’s post, since it marks my 15th day – woo hoo! –  and asks me to take stock of my work and progress thus far.

Well, it’s not been easy.  Real talk. That’s the purpose of a challenge, no?  Writing daily requires stamina, never mind writing 500 words daily. Coming up with things to write about, as I have said previously, requires creativity and “out-of-the box” thinking. Finding time to write requires prioritizing and organizing my time.

What has gotten easier? The writing itself. Once I have a topic in mind, the words flow reasonably well.  I usually manage to exceed the 500 word benchmark, which is very gratifying.  Additionally, I feel that by writing every day, not only am I establishing writing as a regular habit, I am also noticing that I actually look forward to writing, as opposed to viewing it as a burden or a drudgery.  I am enjoying the creative process of thinking, selecting, planning, and, of course, writing.

Do I get tired? Yes! In fact, there have been times during this challenge when I have begun a blog post with how exhausted I am. And, I am sure that there will be more such days before the challenge is over. And in the days and months following the challenge. Life intervenes, which impacts everything.  But, no matter how exhausted, or how late, I strive to complete my 500 words. Every day.

If you were to ask me if I regret having undertaken the the challenge, I would say, “No.”  At least not so far!  The perfectionist in me is bound and determined to complete the challenge.  I think I have made it to the most difficult point: the first 15 days.  Perhaps I am selling the challenge short in saying this. But, for me, getting started is the most difficult aspect of a challenge.  Doing this challenge is designed to improve my writing.  It has also improved my planning and organization skills, and has given me a much-needed outlet into which to channel my energies.  The condition of the United States at the moment in many ways is quite dreadful, and my inclination would be to spend more time on social media – especially Twitter – than is appropriate, necessary or healthy for me at the moment. In as much as I like keeping up with my PLN colleagues, and tracking the news and events of the day, there is more ugliness on Twitter than ever these days.  Writing has afforded me a much-needed outlet for feeding and nourishing my body, mind and spirit.  Therefore, writing has been a part of my self-care initiative.

Once the challenge is over,  I won’t be bound to a 500-word minimum requirement. At which point I most likely will continue to write daily, since I am now in the habit of doing it.  I won’t necessarily compose a lengthy blog entry each time.  In other words, I will have greater flexibility to write a variety of entries, and not just narratives.

So, the #MY500Words 30-Day Writing Challenge is providing me with a considerable learning curve, and a test of will and stamina.  It has also been very energizing.

What sorts of challenges have you taken on? Photography? Workouts?  Other? Let me know about them in the Comments.  Thank you!





I teach. I cook. I write. In that order. Along the way, I learn many things, especially about myself.

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