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I can’t exactly remember when I had my first sip of coffee. Although I am sure I was very young.  Which is why I can’t exactly remember.  Until ten years ago, coffee was something I drank only on the weekends, with my parents, when visiting them.  They enjoy instant coffee, which I know is a sacrilege for the coffee purists. First, it was Maxwell House. For several decades. Then, about two years ago, my parents switched to Folgers. I don’t recall what prompted the change. Although my Dear Mom seems to think that drinking Maxwell House will make her less constipated. I think she was planning to a comparison to see if her claims are true.  Dear Dad is especially fond of Coffee Mate Creamer – the Hazelnut Flavor. So much so, that he purchases the largest container he can find.  Dear Mom complains that there is absolutely no room in their refrigerator for such a large container. But, Dear Dad purchases it, anyway.

I drink coffee on a more regular basis now, and have for the past five years.  I sometimes make coffee at home: usually instant – Folgers – sometimes with Coffee Mate Creamer, sometimes with milk and sugar – lots  of sugar.  A Dear Friend purchased a mini Mr. Coffee Maker fore me about a year ago. It’s so cute! Shamefully, I hardly use it.  I really need to use it more, as I do like the taste and smell of brewed coffee. I will put a container of coffee on my grocery list for tomorrow…

I rarely have more than one cup of coffee per day – orders of my doctor; I have high blood pressure.  And, when I order coffee out, I usually don’t order larger than a medium-sized serving. Which is a grande at Starbucks.  When I go to Dunkin’ Donuts, I like to order my coffee, light and extra sweet.  When I go to Starbucks, I usually order an expresso beverage, like Cafe Mocha, or, Caramel Macchiato.

My intake of coffee goes into over-drive during grades and comments time. They are the bane of my existence, causing me to procrastinate, which leads me to be up against the due date deadline for submission.  I therefore drink lots of coffee to stay motivated, awake, and on-task.  During these times, I order the large Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.  One large cup will usually get me through two sets of grade reports. Which is enough to get me through the remaining three without coffee. Or, at least not another large cup.

I know when I have consumed too much coffee: One of my eyes begins to twitch.  At which point, I cut back. I also don’t need to drink coffee every day.  Like today, for example: I didn’t drink coffee. So, I know, at least, I am not addicted to it.  I can subsist for several days without drinking coffee. Or caffeinated drinks in general, for that matter.

Coffee hasn’t seemed to impact my ability to sleep. In fact, I can go immediately to sleep, and remain asleep, after having had a cup of coffee.

I am in the market for a travel coffee mug/thermos.  Do they still use the term, thermos? Anyway, if you have recommendations for one, please let me know in the Comments. I also want to hear about your relationship with coffee. Thank you!



I teach. I cook. I write. In that order. Along the way, I learn many things, especially about myself.

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