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Goals. Hopes. Dreams. Fears.

What are my goals for the 2016-17 school year? What do I hope to accomplish? What are my crazy “pie in the sky” teacher dreams? What intimidates me?

I am afraid that tonight’s blog entry will be yet another list.  I am also very tired – both physically and emotionally. Therefore, a list-type format is the best I can offer at this time.  Perhaps, when I am feeling more energized, I will do a more expansive rendering. For now, here is my “wish list”.  Please note: Some of the following are directly related to my teaching practice, while others are more personal in nature, but impact my teaching.

  1. Taking greater risks in my teaching.  I am beginning to examine Design Thinking more closely, and am very excited about the possibilities.
  2. I have been assigned to teach grade six Spanish.  Haven’t done this since 1999. Therefore, feeling somewhat unsure of myself. I am currently examining curricula that I think will not only help the students to develop good habits of mind for learning a language, but, I hope to infuse the class with lots of comprehensible input for acquiring a language.
  3. Creating a solid Spanish 4 curriculum. During the 2015-16 year, the spring term was closer to what I desire the entire year of Spanish  4 to be in 2016-17.  Want to infuse the course with a social justice platform.
  4. Being more authentic in my collegial relationships.  I blogged about this in a previous post.
  5. Exercise before school. It seems that I gain full momentum in my workouts during the summer, and exercise four to five days per week.  Unfortunately, most of that momentum is lost by the first week of classes. If I can work out at least three days per week  during the school year, I will feel highly successful.
  6. Go to bed by 10PM.  So I can exercise.
  7. Eating breakfast. There were mornings during the previous year when I consumed just a glass of fruit juice.  This pattern of eating causes me to overeat at lunch.
  8. Using my planning time during the school day more productively.
  9. Make time for personal interests on the weekends, like photography and cooking.
  10. Engage in prayer and mindfulness activities on a daily basis, to minimize stress.
  11. Keep my hands on the right things. For me, this means focus on my immediate sphere of influence, which is my teaching practice.
  12. Write/Blog on a daily basis.
  13. Extend my professional reach beyond campus. I have delivered workshops at professional conferences.  In as much as I enjoy this, I desire to do something different.  Have some ideas.
  14. Read one book a month, beginning this month.  I have allowed regular reading to lapse.
  15. Allow myself to be more vulnerable, and ask for help.  This is a major risk for me.
  16. Connect with new people outside of school. I would like to have more friends in my local area to hang out and do things with.
  17. Identify an online grade book format that is more in line with my beliefs about teaching, learning, and assessment.
  18. Invest in a plan book. While my school gives one to every teacher, it doesn’t fully meet my needs.

If you are a teacher, what are your goals for the new year?  Please leave your goals in the Comments.  Thank you!









I teach. I cook. I write. In that order. Along the way, I learn many things, especially about myself.

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