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Things Many Don’t Know About Me…

because they haven’t asked. 🙂

  1. I was a Girl Scout.
  2. I worked in college admissions for five years.
  3. I enjoy going to the beach.
  4. I inherited my love of jazz music from my father.
  5. I baked by first cake at age 3.
  6. I eat peanut butter from the jar.
  7. I am mildy OCD.
  8. I have driven on some of the busiest interstates in the country.
  9. I walked to the top of the Statue of Liberty.
  10. I earned my driver’s license at age 22.
  11. I suffer from depression, and, an anxiety disorder.
  12. I was diagnosed with primary lymphedema at age 16.
  13. I weighed 5 pounds and seven ounces at birth.
  14. I was fired two times from a job.
  15. I was the only Black kid in my classes, from first to twelfth grades.
  16. I wanted to become a veterinarian as a child.
  17. I was a member of the color guard in high school.
  18. I learned to twirl a baton at age twelve, because my Dear Mother wanted me to do so.
  19. I stepped on a hot charcoal briquet at age 9. I still have the scar.
  20. I climbed the arch in St. Louis.
  21. I drove over the Golden State Bridge.
  22. I bought scalped tickets for the Van Gogh retrospective in Washington, DC. My Dear Brother was my partner in crime.
  23. My family had tear gas thrown threw our living room apartment window in 1968, in the aftermath of Dr. King’s assassination.
  24. I gave blood for the first time at the age of 17.
  25. I am a very good cook.
  26. I am very domestic.
  27. I learned how to change a tire at the age of 16.  My Dear Dad taught me.
  28. I played softball from age 9 to age 15. I was a catcher on my junior high school team, and won, “Most Improved Player.”
  29. I was #6 of my high school graduating class, of 446 students.
  30. I write.
  31. I photograph food.
  32. I met several members of the King family, including Coretta, Bernice, and Dexter.
  33. I traveled to England and Scotland with my Dear Brother in 2006.
  34. I have visited Disney World and Disneyland.  With my Dear Brother.
  35. I have driven through California wine country.
  36. I used to make my own clothes.
  37. I have driven from Connecticut to Georgia.
  38. I have been to the Master’s Golf Tournament.  The course is as green as it looks on television.
  39. I enjoyed high tea at the Four Seasons hotel in Boston, MA.  With my Dear Brother.
  40. My kindergarten teacher almost made me cry.
  41. I never went to camp.
  42. I did not attend preschool.
  43. I like to cook on the grill.
  44. I bake a birthday cake for each of my family members, every year.
  45. Escalators make me nervous.
  46. I was a member of the Junior League. Really…I was.
  47. I suffer from insomnia.
  48. I don’t like the spices in Asian cuisine.
  49. A man fleeing from the scene of a crime ran by me, and grazed my left shoulder.  I was six years old. I still sometimes experience the sensory memories of that event.
  50. I like eating at diners.

What is one thing about you that nobody else knows about you? If you’re comfortable about sharing, please leave a comment.



I teach. I cook. I write. In that order. Along the way, I learn many things, especially about myself.

8 thoughts on “Things Many Don’t Know About Me…

  1. I spent 3 months of my junior year of high school leaving school late and taking a different bus home than everyone else to avoid a group of boys who wanted to kick my ass. I had already been beat up by a group of 10 boys and I didn’t enjoy the experience at all and didn’t want it to happen again. I attended a private Catholic school. It was a Catholic school, but I didn’t see very many people acting Christ-like while I was there.


    1. Hi, David.

      Thank you for your testimony. I am so sorry for you experience. Kids can be so very ugly. So very ugly. Do you experience any effects from it now?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah of course. Even though I stand in front of a classroom and present at conferences I’ve never felt like I’m a part of the cool kids crowd. I like my small group of friends that I trust and I also like spending time alone. Sometimes after speaking I’ll just go find a quick place in the hall and decompress. I speak because I feel compelled to speak, not because I’m comfortable with it. Your reply to my comment was very nice. Thanks. I hope we run into each other one day. If we do please remind me of this online interaction and prepare yourself for a handshake, high five, or hug… your choice.


      2. The “cool kids”… oh, yes…
        I, too, have presented several workshops over the course of the last six years. I enjoy connecting with and supporting teachers. But, the experience can be and is often exhausting.

        You sound like an introvert… I am as well. 🙂

        I, do, look forward to the opportunity of meeting you one day.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. There were also some nice kids at school, and a few teachers who shaped who I am today. I will never let some people ruin my belief in the power of love and compassion.


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